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Rubber and Vinyl Suckers

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Press Engineering Services Ltd supply a wide range of vinyl suckers. We have now added a few rubber and urethane products to our line. Because vinyl will out last and out perform rubber, we feel our product is far superior to suckers supplied by some manufacturers. We supply suckers to many different industries. Newspaperers, binderies, mailers, paper bag plants, carton plants, and glass making industries, are just some examples.

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Special orders

Because when you're working with cutting-edge technology, not everything belongs in a catalogue.

Whether you've designed something unique or you are working with bleeding edge equipment, it doesn't mean you should have to spend time searching abroad. We employ specialist buyers who will search nationally and, if necessary, world-wide.

We take care of locating new suppliers, manage our own third-party accounts and deliver your order transparently, taking the hassle out of ordering unique supplies.

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